To Baroness Williams of Crosby

Dear Lady Williams of Crosby,

Yesterday evening I watched the House of Lords discussing the Health and Social Care Bill.

I have seen your statements about this legislation reported in newspapers, most notably The Guardian. I have read the letter recently sent by yourself and Nick Clegg. I have heard you speak in the House of Lords and looked at how you have voted.

Yesterday you expressed some anger at the portrayal of your role in this sordid business on social networks. This was about the time  Liberal Democrat peers voted against their own amendment to the bill.

I therefore felt compelled to write to you in an attempt to express the deep feelings of disappointment and even treachery felt by those of us who trust and love the National Health Service.  We expected no better of Conservatives, who have long wanted to privatise the NHS. We expected no better of the many peers with close links to private healthcare companies. We expected no better of the Labour appointments with their own for-profit links to private healthcare.

Yet you, by your pretence of saving the NHS from this terrible bill, have made yourself a symbol of everything that is wrong with this Bill and its passing, and you must appreciate  the sadness, anger and frustration of everyone fighting to save the NHS.  I have always thought that the cliche of politics careers ending in failure suggested a nobility of calling; but it now means, sadly, that politicians will sell any and all of us out for short-term political convenience and private profit.

Yours sincerely,


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