in which I write a brief response to Jeremy Hunt

Dear Secretary of State,

I read that your intention is to interfere with the pay mechanism of the National Health Service. Could I point out this is none of your (expletive deleted) business?

In April 2013, you were able to slough off the responsibility for the provision of healthcare to England, thanks to the competition-loving craziness of your predecessor and over two years of misinformation and posturing by Coalition parliamentarians, unreported and unchallenged by a pliant press.  You were legally changed into a promoter of healthcare in England, and chief marketeer of the “brand” to foreign countries.

Then just a few days ago, you announced that you were going to dump your accountability and responsibility for patient care and safety onto some unelected quango.

You are not the Chief Executive of the NHS, you are not its leader. All you are responsible for is setting the overall budget, and to be honest it’s the felon-in-chief at The Treasury who tells you what that is going to be.

So leave it to the actual managers and staff of the NHS to work out the most efficient and effective ways to spend that budget, and if they want to stand by existing pay deals which make privatisation more expensive and carpet-bags more difficult to fill, then suck it up.

Kind Regards,

The Putney Debates


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