God, we’re crap

If there is one thing that our political classes want us never to forget, it’s that we’re rubbish.

Four decades ago, we came to the conclusion we couldn’t manufacture things. If we tried, we only ended up striking. If we actually made something, it was rubbish anyway. When we came up with ideas, they were rubbish. Don’t even try to make them. Some other country can do it better.

So we stopped trying to compete with Japan, or Germany. 

Gradually we learned that government was rubbish. Not the government, but government itself. It could never deliver anything. It just borrowed too much, and raised taxes. So we came to elect politicians who were absolutely convinced that government was rubbish, and had to stop any attempt to make our lives better, or safer, or healthier. Their job was to run the country down, and run government down. 

From that it was obvious that we couldn’t deliver or manage public services. So they had to go: railways, telecommunications, water, energy, and most recently the NHS and post services. All rubbish. We just can’t do any of this. We can’t run prisons, or probation, or police each other, or be trusted in public spaces. Stop trying.  

We’ve learnt that our old people are rubbish, just because they’re still here and we can’t afford them any more. 

We’ve learnt that our kids are rubbish, so stupid we’ve had to make up easier and easier exams for them to pass just so we can pretend they’re not.

We’ve learnt that we’re all rubbish; because we want too much pay, and time off work. Because everyone else part from ourselves is skiving on benefits, and not hard-working. We’re rubbish compared to the Chinese, or Singaporeans, because we don’t want to go back to Victorian working conditions and because (never forget) our kids are stupid and lazy, and we’re rubbish parents.

We’ve learnt we’re so rubbish that we have to be spied wherever we go and whatever we do. We can’t be trusted.

So here we are. Rubbish. Crap at everything.

Except for the very few of us who can extract rent, we are the fallen. 

And if we keep believing what the elite want us to believe, we deserve what we get from them.


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